Mundane Mondays: Holy Cross R. C. Church, Bronx, NYC

holy cross


Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church is actually part of a larger complex including a school, gymnasium and convent dating from 1955. The current church’s cornerstone was laid in 1966 and the building was opened in 1968. A school annex was completed at the same time. This image of the church is taken on the oblique to show the rear wall of windows that rises up, but the rounded front is also quite striking. The current building replaced an early 1920s structure. The church’s website has a complete history.

The church architect was an interesting figure, Cajetan J. B. Baumann, a Franciscan brother who designed religious buildings of all types. Brother Cajetan also did two other Mid-Century Mundane buildings in Manhattan and many others in the region.

This Mundane Monday entry was submitted by Gabriella A.

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