Young Israel of Moshulu Parkway, Bronx, NYC


The Young Israel temple sits tucked away off Moshulu Parkway at the corner of East 208th Street and Steuben Avenue. According to several articles, the congregation is now quite small (less than a dozen at any one time) and there are signs that the synagogue is now closed. The longtime Rabbi Zevulun Charlop, who leads the temple, joined in 1966 and remains today although the congregation is mostly gone. The building dates from around 1956 and includes many mid-century highlights including a concrete block screen and undulating roofline above stained glass windows. The building is an awkward fit for the small corner site, but still intriguing to come across, surrounded by large, dull apartment buildings. Related to the interior design, an article on the Rabbi states “He designed a stained glass window depicting a Torah scroll surrounded by such 1950s icons of modernity as the Sputnik, an automobile with fins and the branch television antennas atop Bronx rooftops.” Hopefully someone saves that window as an icon of mid-century design!

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