St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Stuyvesant Square, NYC

I’m finding out interesting things about many of these buildings in the course of my research. Like finding out (according to this website) that the architect of St. Mary’s Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite on Stuyvesant Square was a Franciscan brother and probably the only one to design more than 70 buildings in the United States. Brother Cajetan designed religious structures exclusively including churches, seminaries and friaries and other religious buildings. This  building was built in 1959 and features some interesting mosaic detailing on the front (third picture), a very unique metal cross (second picture) and arched stained glass along the secondary facade. Hopefully I can get an image of it lit at night!

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4 Responses to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Stuyvesant Square, NYC

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  3. Maybe you could enter it’s history into the Wikipedia entry for “Stuyvesant Square”, it has been left out of the history.

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