Our Lady of Good Counsel, Staten Island, NYC

Our Lady of Good Counsel is a Catholic church located on a sloping hillside in the Tompkinsville neighborhood on Staten Island. The original 1899 church, up the hill on St. Austin’s Place, is now part of the church school. The modern complex sprawls, ranging from one to three stories with a partially covered courtyard bisecting the building and separating the sanctuary from the administrative wing.  The brick walls are interrupted by deeply recessed vertical windows, topped and bisected by large structural beams. Additionally certain exterior and walls are done in concrete. It is a complex building to understand from the outside with numerous doors, elevations and details. Even a drawing of the building doesn’t fully illustrate the overall plan and design of the structure.




The striking concrete campanile has been removed, hopefully to be restored at a later date. The remaining framework is visible in the top image.  Parts of the interior are modern and colorful, with similar materials of concrete and brick. The cross on the top of the southwest facade denotes the front of the sanctuary and the highest point of the church.

IMG_6922The new church was dedicated in 1968 and was designed by regional Catholic architects,  Genovese and Maddelene, who also built this monastery and this church in Manhattan, the latter being an early entry and favorite of Mid-Century Mundane. According to the church website, the design won several awards and seems well-cared for today.

IMG_6924detail of the front facade showing the interplay of vertical and horizontal

IMG_6923view of rear facade facing the parking lot that surrounds two sides, administrative wing in the background.

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