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Palisades Avenue, Englewood, NJ

There is not always a lot of information to glean on some mid-century structures, at least from a cursory investigation. But their design and intact nature still make them worthy of featuring here. Below are a few structures from a … Continue reading

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Exciting News for Mid-Century Mundane

Mid-Century Mundane was started as a website looking to document just a fragment of the mid-century regional and vernacular architecture out there. And now we take our next big step with a more robust project to examine a specific grouping … Continue reading

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Rego Park Jewish Center, Rego Park, NYC

The Rego Park Jewish Center is a transitional modern structure dating from 1948. The architects were Frank Grad and Sons, noted for their extensive work in Newark and other parts of New Jersey. They also did some other notable New … Continue reading

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St. Eleftherios Greek Orthodox Church, Chelsea, NYC

This week we are featuring two 1970s Greek Orthodox churches, St. Nicholas in Flushing, and this one here. Surrounding by high rise housing, the original c. 1918 church on this site must have been one of the oldest structures in … Continue reading

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St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Flushing, NYC

Dating from 1972 is St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. The church is located in the Flushing neighborhood in Queens. It was designed by Raymond & Rado & Partners, a firm which consisted of Antonin Raymond, a Czech architect, much more … Continue reading

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Capitol Environs, Albany, NY

Many of the streets around the New York State Capitol complex in Albany are lined with mid-century buildings interspersed with older Victorian row houses and institutions. Most of these buildings are now home to associations and trade groups that have … Continue reading


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Albany Public Library, Albany, NY

The Albany Public Library at 161 Washington Avenue, dates from between 1965-1970. However the concrete facade was given a new look with a stencil pattern of gothic architectural details applied within the past decade or so. The company that did … Continue reading

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