Firestone Complete Auto Care, Troy, NY


This Firestone dealer is located on 124 Congress Street in Troy. The exact date of construction is unclear but the first reference to Firestone at this location is 1959. The design is simpler than this extant Firestone in New Haven, CT from 1962. The flat roof is at a slight incline and projects out over the floor to ceiling glass windows of the showroom. The aluminum trim remains intact and there is a nice bit of tile detailing in red and white between the two glass bays.

IMG_8485The  garage facility and rear of the showroom is brick.



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St. Anthony of Padua Shrine Church, Troy, NY


The town of Troy, NY does not have much mid-century architecture to ponder. The town proper is more well-known for its extremely intact Victorian era downtown and neighboring residential areas, some of which were used in place of Gilded Age New York City for Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of The Age of Innocence. At the corner of State Street and Third Street is St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, with its amazing Tiffany interior.



Behind it on State Street is St. Anthony of Padua Shrine Church from 1964. This mid-century church is clad in orange brick with abstract stained or colored glass windows and the image of St. Anthony above the entrance in marble. The interior is relatively restrained. The church also features a few other nice original details like the unusual door handles at the entrance.


Next to the church is the earlier St. Anthony School, dating from 1956 and an auditorium and friary that most likely date to that time. All are clad in similar brick and have aluminum and limestone trim.

IMG_7156In this image of St. Anthony School, St. Paul’s tower can be seen in the background.

IMG_7159The neighboring Rev. Thomas A. Deluca auditorium. Note the original projecting flat entrance roof and the glass corridor connecting it to the school, fronted by a statue of St. Anthony of Padua.


The friary behind the school and next to the church.

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Howard Johnson’s, Asbury Park, NJ


This unique Howard Johnson’s Restaurant dates to 1962, and was a more unusual sight compared to HoJo’s typical peaked roof and weathervane design. It is unclear if this was done by go-to architects, Rufus Nims and Karl Koch.

IMG_6684The building’s fortunes followed the general decline of Asbury Park and it was largely abandoned in the early 2000s. It subsequently was stripped on the interior while leaving the exterior intact. Today it is the popular McLoone’s Asbury Grille.


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Empress Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ


The Empress Hotel is a well-known landmark on the Asbury Park boardwalk. Originally built in 1961, the hotel has great mid-century details including the signature signage. Like the Asbury Park waterfront in general, the Empress followed the general decline of the area, closing in the late 1980s. A strip club opened in the 1990s but eventually the building was abandoned. Music producer Shep Pettibone bought the building in 1998 and completely restored the complex, adding the Paradise Nightclub to the establishment (see photo below).

IMG_6725The blue panels above the Paradise Nightclub are also a very nice mid-century detail although more often seen on office buildings than hotels.

IMG_6691Closeup of the colorful mosaic tile next to the entrance


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Salvation Army, Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYC


I came across this Salvation Army building in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood recently. According to the cornerstone, it dates from 1965, but I don’t know much else. It is a multipurpose space with a utilitarian design. There is little exterior design besides the Salvation Army crest above the entrance and the simplified pediments above the narrow windows to the left of the entrance.

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Congregation Ezrath Israel, Ellenville, NY


This synagogue is located in the small Catskills town of Ellenville. While sleepy today, the town has significant connections to larger Jewish culture, being close to where many of the Borscht Belt resorts were located and also being in the town where the Chabad-Lubavitch summer camp network (now the largest summer camp network worldwide) originated.

IMG_7875Congregation Ezrath Israel’s current building looks to date from the late 1960s or early 1970s, although it could be even later. The textured concrete block facade was usually employed in later 1970s buildings, what some refer to as Brutalist. Here the severity of the facade is enlivened a bit by the narrow colored-glass windows and the prominent projecting entrance canopy.


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Bank of Greene County, Catskill, NY


This bank is located on Main Street in the upstate town of Catskill surrounded by an intact, older downtown. I could not find a date of construction but it looks to me to date to the late 1950s or early 1960s. It has some nice details including the aluminum trim at the roofline, on the flat entrance canopy, and around the windows; as well as thin brick courses; and what could be marble in the panels above the windows. IMG_7863IMG_7859

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