Sears Building, Mineola, NY

For this first post of 2021, sharing this great concrete department store on Long Island from longtime reader David G.  Sadly, according to press, the current state of the building seems doomed. Which is especially disappointing given that it is a design by one of the masters of using concrete in a formalist way, Edward Durell Stone. The building dates from 1971-72. An article on the opening of the store notes “…an exterior of pre‐cast concrete stone that resembles limestone. A cantilevered overhang on the upper floor permits the use of a garden and plants.”

In addition to those details I note the screens used around the building, a typical Stone feature. And a huge parking garage, a necessity to draw shoppers in the 1960s and 70s to major shopping destinations, of which where were several competing ones in the area.

Thanks again to David for this large selection of photos for us to enjoy. And here’s hoping some of the original details can be retained in the future renovation.


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1 Response to Sears Building, Mineola, NY

  1. David Lurie says:

    Not sure if Durrell Stone is in the Mundane category — but these are great shots of a sad situation.

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