Jack LaLanne European Health Spa, Scarsdale, NY


This long abandoned round health club sits along a fairly nondescript commercial strip in suburban Scarsdale. The main structure is a single-story round building cantilevered over a concrete entrance base. Designed by regional architect Thomas J. Walters, the unusual shape of the building may explain why it has had a hard time ever finding another tenant. It even still features a heroic male sculpture in front of the building with three plinths behind it. IMG_4358.jpgIMG_4356.jpg


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1 Response to Jack LaLanne European Health Spa, Scarsdale, NY

  1. roadsidenut says:

    The “heroic male figure” statue is an Atlas, sans globe, which were installed in front of all of the Jack LaLanne’s European Health Spas. There are about a dozen or so of these statues left, most at other businesses.

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