Guttman Building: A Followup!

We occasionally get comments from readers and recently architect David Grider wrote in. His firm has worked on the Guttman Building, including renovating some of the spaces like the lobby. We are including here the great information and images he shared. All images are courtesy of David. Enjoy!

1. 301 Henry was a 1962 extension to the red brick building (“Pete’s House”), also designed by DeYoung & Moskowitz, in 1948 in a “contextual” style. Love that they broke free of that for the 1962 building! Here’s an image of the dedication; Pete’s House has the 6 over 6 windows; 301 Henry would replace the tenement to the left 14 years later:

2. Shortly after completion, both buildings from the same hand:

3. The terra cotta cladding at the base of 301 Henry was designed by neighborhood kids, makes me smile that DY&M made it happen:

4. Here’s the original lobby of 301 Henry:

5. And here’s our renovation. We were fortunate to be able to restore the existing glass tile, and even the Nelson-esque clock above the new reception desk:


6. Our big move was opening up the brick wall that had been between 301 and Pete’s House, and connect the two lobbies with an ADA ramp so that they are accessible (works out well for the daycare too, stroller friendly). Original glass tile on the left, with the new orange mosaic at the new openings; it came out nice:


Thanks for sharing, David!

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