Global Mundane: 103 Colmore Row, Birmingham, England


Like the Birmingham Central Library, 103 Colmore Row was also designed by John Madin and is similarly doomed to demolition. The massive, brutalist building was built for Nat West Bank and originally called National Westminster House. The lower banking hall sits in front of the taller office block and was completed earlier (1969), while the tower was not completed until 1976. One interesting detail are the formal aluminum entrance doors to the banking hall which feature an abstract pattern, supposedly based on the Nat West logo. The interior banking hall ceiling is covered in gold leaf with marble floors–numerous interior photos can be seen here.

IMG_7977Surrounded by Victorian buildings, including several listed structures, the building was regarded partly as a failure and never completely occupied. It has been vacant for almost a decade and has been denied listing protection. A replacement scheme was approved in 2009 for an even taller structure, but as of 2013, the scheduled completion date, nothing has happened at the site.


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