Mary Mother of Priests, Jemez Springs, NM


Our posts continue from New Mexico, courtesy of reader Brigid H. This church, Mary Mother of Priests, looks like a beacon in the landscape, complete with lantern crowning the tower in front. The materials are stark and simple including large stone embedded in concrete at the tower base and on the facade. However, the real story is the campus that the church is part of, which has a very unusual and somewhat dark back story.


Built in 1962, the church is part of a larger complex for the Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete, founded by Father Gerald Fitzgerald in 1947 to help troubled clergy. Originally starting off helping more priests with substance abuse problems, it also served a number of sexually abusive priests. Fitzgerald was conflicted in serving this segment of the clergy. Google is full of articles and other writings about the center’s background.



New Mexico’s Sanctuaries, Retreats, and Sacred Places; Nealson, Christina;  Westcliffe Publishers; 2003.


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