William James Hall, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NYC


Pictured is William James Hall, a major building at Brooklyn College. Opened in the early 1973 as part of the College’s West Quad renovations the building’s formalist style is recently more visible alongside the adjoining structures. In 2009, Rafael Vinoly’s West Quad building replaced the Plaza Building, a concurrent structure to James Hall. The Plaza Building had blocked off the West Quad from the East Quad with a large overpass and now the space is connected across Bedford Avenue.


James Hall is notable for its completely symmetrical design and the entire structure is topped off by a projecting concrete cornice. When originally completed, it housed Education, Sociology, Psychology, Social Sciences, General Studies, and food services.

Special thanks to reader Tara K. for the images!

Sources: http://academicworks.cuny.edu/bc_arch_historybc/42/

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1 Response to William James Hall, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NYC

  1. robyn says:

    my favorite building at brooklyn college. i liked it best and had my favorite classes there. especially liked hanging out in the staircases and wandering the halls when i was bored. they still had a little cafe in the basement amidst the psychology center and puppetry room. miss it dearly.

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