B’nai Israel Jewish Center, Brooklyn, NYC

Quite a find in the neighborhood of East Flatbush is the former B’nai Israel Jewish Center from 1955. The building is now East Brooklyn Community High School. Although the use has changed, the original purpose is still clear especially from the entrance portico in the shape of the ten commandment tablets. There are also other striking details such as the breezeblock at ground level, the front wall of windows, interior terrazzo and metal features, as well as brightly colored enamel exterior panels (visible in the full image here.)

IMG_1741IMG_1743IMG_1749 (1)

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2 Responses to B’nai Israel Jewish Center, Brooklyn, NYC

  1. DS Giffler says:

    Went to Hebrew School as a kid at B’Nai Israel of East Flatbush from 1964-1968 Some amazing memories

    • Arnie Katz says:

      I went there from 1950-54
      Actually, it was my family that founded the Bnai Israel in the late 30’s

      Arnie Katz
      561 739 8240

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