The Emanuel Synagogue, West Hartford, CT


The Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford dates from 1970. The design of this building is restrained and shows the turning point from 1960s detailing to a sometimes more severe and utilitarian focus on use and materials, here in dull brown metal and stone and rich orange brick. There is seating for 600.







The building was designed by NYC architect Bertram Bassuk.  He attended NYU and Brooklyn College and opened his own firm in 1952. Although based in New York, his work seems to have been almost exclusively outside the city in places like Connecticut and Long Island. He is largely known for his synagogues, which exist as far away as Minnesota.

IMG_1934Source: Lathrop, Alan K. “Churches of Minnesota: An Illustrated Guide. University of Minnesota Press, 2003.

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  1. For me, the exterior resonates strongly with the Mt. Zion Temple we saw on a tour at the Minneapolis DOCOMOMO symposium.

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