Lovingston Post Office, Lovingston, VA


At 131 Main Street is this small mid-century post office. Built in 1960, the building incorporates a wall of marble to the right of the entrance as well as beige brick, enamel panels around the windows and aluminum trim on the entrance and at the roofline. There are several mid-century buildings in this small town of otherwise older structures.

As always, if you have local mid-century buildings that you love, send us photos and information! We always like featuring reader submissions for Mundane Mondays.

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1 Response to Lovingston Post Office, Lovingston, VA

  1. Mason Toms says:

    This one was part of a pretty massive building campaign by the Postal Service in the late 50s to mid 60s. I have tracking them down in Arkansas and have a bit over two dozen of them so far.

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