Agudath Sholom Synagogue, Lynchburg, VA


Agudath Sholom Synagogue is set back off Langhorne Road, a long and low building surrounded by trees. This building was built in 1955-56 for a growing congregation that was moving out of the downtown as many businesses and organizations were doing at the time.


The architects for the new building were Alexander Sharove of Pittsburgh, who died before the synagogue was completed, and Pendleton Clark of Lynchburg. Sharove was based in Pittsburgh, although born in Richmond, VA. He worked on at least six synagogue, temple or yeshiva sites until his death in 1955. Agudath Sholom is the last project noted in his 1956 American Institute of Architects listing. Clark was a prominent architect in Lynchburg starting in the 1920s and designed residential, religious and collegiate buildings across Virginia.


The main facade materials are red brick with limestone trim. Up close to the building, one can better see the detailing, including several Jewish symbols–the menorah, the tablets, and a row of Stars of David framed in the windows set back above the entrance.

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2 Responses to Agudath Sholom Synagogue, Lynchburg, VA

  1. One of my favorite MCM synagogues. Have been trying to get photos for some time now. Glad to see this post and who knows if I ever finish work on my revised/updated American synagogues eBook, I would love to use these photos. Keep up the great!!!! work.

  2. same firm must have designed the synagogue in Petersburg, Virginia

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