Temple Emanu-El, East Meadow, NY

Unfortunately, this post is to celebrate a unique modern synagogue that is imminently destined for the wrecking ball. Designed by the underrated Davis, Brody, and Wisnieski, the oval sanctuary is sited at one end of the complex with a connector through administrative spaces and ending in the educational wing.

The sanctuary walls are faced in brightly colored glass or plastic tiles that cause the interior to glow. Other details including wooden pews and decoration typical of the period and a striking ceiling pattern.

The loss of Emanu-El, whose shrinking congregation has merged with another nearby, mirrors the closure of other synagogues in Eastern Queens and Long Island as demographics shift and populations age.

Sources: http://samgrubersjewishartmonuments.blogspot.com/2018/06/usa-last-days-for-modern-icon-as-temple.html

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5 Responses to Temple Emanu-El, East Meadow, NY

  1. Karen says:

    played bingo for years every thurs night, food lady was Donna

  2. Edward Pruger says:

    My mother worked at the Hebrew school for a few years (SALLY PRUGER) in the late ’50’s

  3. Alicen Harrad says:

    My father was instrumental in building the temple with a small group if men who needed a minion, when I think of the blood, sweat and tears, not to mention the passion and devotion that went into this temple, it breaks my heart.

    Alice Greenberg, Joseph Greenberg, 1st Temple President

  4. sad to see such a beautiful modern synagogue demolished!!

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