Capital Savings & Loan, Olympia, WA


The former Capital Savings & Loan Building at 222 5th Ave E is the pinnacle of mid-century Olympia. Unfortunately, while the building has been repurposed, its current iteration slightly obscures the uniqueness and daring of the original design.

The building’s parabolic roof makes a prominent statement at this intersection. In addition to the poured concrete shell, exterior details also include an arched, glass entrance, metal screens on the rear “wings” and stone cladding on the secondary walls. Sources say there was even a bridge over pools of water at the entrance originally.

It was built in 1963 to designs by the short-lived partnership of Sibold & Nesland.  It is unclear how long it remained a bank branch, but today it is the Big Whiskey Saloon. The current tenants have blocked the front entrance with a wooden screen and the building is now painted a drab grey color.

But overall the building remains in good shape. The premises even include what seem to be the original entrance lamps. Maybe someone will restore it someday as a real showpiece.


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2 Responses to Capital Savings & Loan, Olympia, WA

  1. andrew danish says:

    that is far from mundane!

  2. roadsidenut says:

    Some vintage photos of the building here. I can’t find anywhere if the landmarking went through:

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