Parsons The New School for Design, Midtown, NYC

This low-rise building sits slightly back on a raised plaza at the corner of West 40th Street and Seventh Avenue in Midtown. Its height and general shabbiness make it seem a likely development  site in the future. Which would be a shame. It was designed in 1960-62 by William Lescaze, an early pioneering modern architect, who is unfortunately not that well-known today. His own landmark designated-house has been featured on this blog, and he designed more than a dozen other buildings, including housing for the City of New York. The building was originally commissioned by the Brotherhood in Action and named for them, although I can find nothing out about the organization. There is still an inscription on the marble base that runs around the building.

The side of the building is more simplified with the same marble base and stone panels above intersected by metal supports. However the side facade contains no windows. At the rear of the 40th Street side is the entrance to Garment Center Congregation. Judging from the marquee and signage it has been here for a while.

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