The Episcopal Church Center, Midtown, Manhattan, NY

This 1961-62 office tower houses The Episcopal Church Center and Episcopal diocese offices. It’s located at 815 Second Avenue in midtown. The architect is Frederick J. Woodbridge, who has an interesting biography, having worked for McKim, Mead and White and also serving on many notable New York City boards and commissions, including an early iteration of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

While the basic building is not very eye-catching, with its uniform windows and bands of masonry, there are a few surprises that call it out from the usual commercial structure.

On the street level under the arched entrance area, one can see stained glass windows set into the facade. This is the Chapel of Christ the Lord, also designed by Woodbridge.




The other striking design feature is gold colored mosaic tiles that line the underside of the vaulted arches. These tiles give the entrance a rich addition.

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