Five Cents Savings Bank, Boston, MA

This addition to an existing branch of the Five Cents Savings Bank in the heart of historic downtown Boston was constructed in 1972 to designs of Kallman, McKinnell & Knowles. This prolific local firm is most well known for the Brutalist masterpiece, Boston City Hall and plaza.




When the bank left this branch, Walgreens moved in. Unusually, they decided to maintain and restore the soaring interior and striking exterior, keeping many details including the safe and teller section in the older building. The interior ceiling alone is worth a stop inside.


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2 Responses to Five Cents Savings Bank, Boston, MA

  1. Skeetmotis says:

    There is 5 Cent Savings Bank (now called Bank 5) in Fall River. You can street view it here and enjoy a view from the side street

  2. HN says:

    It was a Borders Books between the bank’s and Walgreens’ tenure:

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