Church of the Epiphany, NYC: Revisited

We’ve previously covered the Church of the Epiphany’s exterior (and window salvaged from the previous church). But recently we were about to view the sanctuary. The walls are covered with the same dark brown brick as the exterior and the furnishings were provided by Rambusch Studios.

There are three primary sources of illumination: simple, metal chandeliers, recessed skylights, and four striking abstract stained glass windows.

These windows were designed by the noted Albin Elskus for Durhan Studios in 1966. Each window is dominated by one shade of color: orange, yellow, blue, and purple. The fact that the rest of the sanctuary is so somber, means these windows stand out even more. Definitely worth a visit!

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1 Response to Church of the Epiphany, NYC: Revisited

  1. David Lurie says:

    I have admired the outside. The inside looks beautiful.

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