Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Headquarters, Hyattsville, MD

Currently endangered, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Headquarters is located on the border of a residential neighborhood across from Magruder Park. The original building features art deco flourishes and was designed by architects Paul Kea and Howard Cutler. Numerous additions were added over the years including large mid-century additions in 1953 (by Kea) and 1964 (Walton & Madden).

 A developer proposes to demolish the sprawling complex for new homes, which is a shame as the set of buildings is thoughtfully sited on a narrow, hilly site and would be ideal for adaptive reuse.

The 1950s wing especially includes unique and striking exterior detailing, including an entrance bridge (originally over a water feature), metal lettering, and a textured wall of tiles capping the end of the structure.







Click to access PG;68-10-82.pdf

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1 Response to Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Headquarters, Hyattsville, MD

  1. Scott says:

    Any News on this….hope the building gets a new life. But if it dosen’t maybe some parts can be saved for other buildings and houses.

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