Chapel of Jesus Ethic, Glendale, CA


Unknown by many, even in Glendale, the Chapel of Jesus Ethic is the centerpiece of a campus for the obscure Foundation of Niscience. The campus is located behind a high wall of yellow brick and is not easily accessible. The chapel dates from 1968 and was designed by local architect Culver Heaton, although most of the rest of the buildings date to the 1980s.

The small chapel features walls of matching yellow brick with a front wall of glass facing a reflecting pool. The pool features a sculpture by Herb Goldman and there are other sculptures throughout the campus. Definitely an intact, unusual religious campus worth visiting.



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1 Response to Chapel of Jesus Ethic, Glendale, CA

  1. heritagepoliceman says:

    A bit oriental, with that very high curved roof (with a gap at the top presumably a skylight). Mid century churches sometimes so creative !

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