Francis Martin Branch Library, Bronx, NY


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  1. Howard says:

    We moved into the neighborhood near the end of 1957, or early ‘58.
    I was five and a half.: I think by Sept, ‘58, around the start of 1st grade, we went there for the first time. It was ❤️ at first sight!
    We had hundreds of books at home, but this was like a museum; at books of all types!
    And the entire second floor was JUST FOR KIDS!! By early in third grade, I was going there myself! ( it was a very different world back then!)… From late 1960 through mid December of ‘65, that library was like a home away from home away from home! I had a grandmother, and other close family just two blocks away, but always felt very restricted; sometimes rightfully so, but too often not at all warranted. The library was my wonderful hideaway!
    Especially during all those very hot summer afternoons! That library was a place to rest and cool off and DISCOVER MORE AND MORE, ABOUT SO MANY THINGS!! And we were very poor, and there there were SO MANY THINGS THAT SEEMED SO UNREAL!!!
    My library! A home away from home. A world out of this world!
    The day before we moved away, I had to run to my library…to say good-bye! 💔
    It was as if I was losing a close, close friend!

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