Cruger Avenue Synagogue, Bronx, NY

This synagogue from 1964 sits off Pelham Parkway surrounded by earlier brick apartment buildings and homes. Today it seems largely empty although possibly still in use. There are a number of former or abandoned synagogues in the area as the demographics of this part of the Bronx has changed.

Also called Congregation Kehal Adath, the building is clad in a thin stone veneer and dark brown brick. An expansive site with the entrance set back. The street wall includes marble Judaica and a brick wall planter.

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1 Response to Cruger Avenue Synagogue, Bronx, NY

  1. Aaron says:

    This Shul is still in use. Please help out the Minyan every 9 AM on Shabbos. we can use all the peolpe we can get. Show up 8:30 AM on Shabbos for coffee and donuts. Thanks

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