Saints Peter and Paul Church, Beaver, PA


An amazingly dynamic form, this church jumps out at you along 3rd Street in the small town of Beaver, PA. It was built in 1970-72 to accommodate a growing parish. Not sure who the architect was but it’s more striking than many of the Formalist modern churches of Pittsburgh so it would be interesting to know if it is a local or regional architect.





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3 Responses to Saints Peter and Paul Church, Beaver, PA

  1. not much mundane about that one.

  2. heritagepoliceman says:


  3. heritagepoliceman says:

    Ah, it’s your basic fan shape, but with pointy edges all round, and the altar bit expressed as those angled shingled volumes; very dynamic. And as often the case, what were little shrubs grownup, obscuring the best bits !

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