Immaculate Conception Spiritual Renewal Center, Thompson, CT


This convent and retreat center was built in 1954 for the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a historically Lithuanian order. As such, the complex is dedicated to Our Lady of Siluva, and a statue of her sits in a shrine outside the chapel. The small circle on the pillar holding the statue incorporates a piece of stone from the site where Our Lady of Siluva first appeared in Lithuania.


The Center is what could be termed Catholic Modern, many times consisting of an exterior treatment of light colored brick with limestone or concrete details on window and door surrounds. It was likely designed by one of the many regional firms working for the Catholic church, based in Worcester or Providence, but it also could have been an architect with knowledge of Lithuanian architecture. Jonas Mulokas was one such architect who designed Lithuanian Catholic churches in Chicago, New York City, and Saint Louis.


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