St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church, Union City, NJ


We have not posted in a while, but this submission from reader Craig N. was too good to pass up. Thanks, Craig!

St. Augustine RC Church was constructed in 1956-58 by Arthur Rigolo. He was based in New Jersey and designed schools, offices, homes, and several other noteworthy churches. His churches were featured prominently and received awards from the Church Architecture Guild of America, the Joint Conference on Church Architecture, New Jersey Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and Church Property Administration Magazine. One of his earlier churches was even featured in Time Magazine in an article about church construction.

St Augustine is sited on a narrow lot and features a sharply angled roof with prominent stained glass by Hiemer & Company. The roof originally featured polychromatic terra cotta tiles and there was a central entrance stair which has been replaced by a ramp. Still, its design is striking and a lesser known example of early Catholic modernism in the Newark area. Docomomo US has a full description and survey of the building on their Register.


Click to access Bowker_1970_R.pdf


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