Mishkon Tfiloh, Providence, RI


Located just outside the Summit Historic District, Mishkon Tfiloh is one of the later additions to the community, being completed in 1962, and located on the edge of an area primarily filled with early to mid-20th century residences. According to the historic district summary, the area had a concentration of Russian Jews and besides Mishkon Tfiloh, another temple, Congregation Beth Sholom and a historically Jewish hospital, Miriam Hospital, are also located in the neighborhood.


Mishkon Tfiloh has an engaging front facade with the second story sanctuary space set back behind a triple peaked entrance area. The ground floor entrance most likely leads to a social hall or school space.


Sources: http://www.livingplaces.com/RI/Providence_County/Providence_City/Summit_Historic_District.html

Click to access prov_summit-hd.pdf


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  1. Julian H. Preisler says:

    Another great MCM synagogue!!

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