7650 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI


In a city filled with Minoru Yamasaki designs, here is a building that might have taken a few cues from him. The structure is elevated above street level and seems to float above a recessed first floor, both characteristics seen on other Yamasaki buildings. The white concrete creates thin, even divisions between the windows creating a formalist design. Simply viewing a site like the McGregor Center, one can see immediate similarities.

The building, constructed in 1968, was possibly built as a school. When Barsamian Preparatory Center closed on the site in 2012, the building was renovated into flexible office space. The complex, now called the MID, is still available although it’s unclear if any of the spaces have been taken.

This view is actually a side of the building and the main entrance is off a parking lot on Second Avenue, which can be seen in this image from Curbed.




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