Our Lady of Victory Church, Financial District, NYC


This church among the canyons of Lower Manhattan is a staid affair. The red brick, limestone trim, symmetrical front facade, and classical statuary make the building feel older than its actual construction date of 1944-1947. Only the flatness of some of the architectural details and stylization of the sculptural elements hint at a later era. The history of the building is intriguing; the concept for the parish was initiated during World War II when victory was possible but not assured. It is unclear from initial research on why Lower Manhattan was chosen for the site. This must be a very valued piece of property today.

IMG_3804The architects were Eggers and Higgins, major architects of the era, and covered on this site many times. Their style ran the gamut from classical designs like this to Art Deco, Moderne, Modern, and even Brutalist. Over the firm’s long history they did dozens of structures for the Catholic church. Comparing this design to their later Catholic Center for NYU (now demolished), shows the wide range their output. 


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