Jewish Center of Hyde Park, Brooklyn, NYC


This modest building is nowhere near Hyde Park, New York and it’s totally unclear where the name came from, although there are various stories. Instead of Hyde Park, it’s on a quiet residential block of East Flatbush.  The main building dates from 1931 and isn’t much to look at, with minimal detailing and some alterations over time.

IMG_1650The real reason to visit is the great colorful mural by Venetian Art Mosaics of NYC on the 1950s addition next door. The vivid design includes a burning bush and possibly tells that story of Moses, although there are no figures in the mosaic. In addition to two smaller corner plaques listing the maker of the mosaic and the dedication (Dedicated by Morris Kirshenbaum and family), there is a larger metal panel in the upper left corner but it is illegible from street level. The mosaic placement also includes an original lighting fixture above so that the mural could be viewed at night.


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4 Responses to Jewish Center of Hyde Park, Brooklyn, NYC

  1. Stephen Weinberg says:

    I was Bar Mitvahed there…

  2. M. Reindorf says:

    The Post Office was the Hyde Park one and the library was the Hyde Park Library.

  3. E. Rynar says:

    I was Bar Mitzvahed there in 1964. My mother was secretary to Rabbi Franklin.

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