John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Kingston, NY


Tucked away in a quiet part of Kingston, this elementary school is a snapshot of the era with its bright enamel panels, original aluminum bands at the cornice line, aluminum framed windows, and lighting fixtures. It was built in 1954-65 by Harry Halverson & Associates, a firm that did numerous buildings in the area, including banks, homes, and schools.  

IMG_1617Kennedy Elementary is similar to numerous schools in the area by the same firm. According to “Kingston: The IBM Years,” by Friends of Historic Kingston, Halverson claimed that the school and others were based on stock plans from an approved New York State architect and so this is why they all seem similar. However neither school has the bright blue and yellow enamel panelling that makes Kennedy Elementary so engaging and of its era.IMG_1623




We’ll bring you more schools in this series soon!

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