Mundane Mondays: Riverdale Branch Library, Bronx, NYC


Today’s submission comes from longtime reader David Lurie, who has submitted some great examples of Mid-Century Mundanity.

This one was completely unknown to me and is a wonderful glass and brick structure with a prominent A-frame facade. Robert L. Bien was the architect here. Bien did design a number of buildings across the city, some with his father Sylvan. A great interview with Robert, which we’ve linked to before, is here.

According to this article, Bien went to work for Eggers & Higgins in 1967, so this was one of his last buildings on his own. Eggers & Higgins was a major player in mid-century architecture, growing out of John Russell Pope’s office, and we’ve covered them numerous times.


The interior of the library is even better with an open vaulted ceiling and what look to be original hanging light fixtures. According to the NY Public Library website, the library was constructed at the request of the community to replace a smaller, existing library.


The Architectural and Historical Resources of Riverdale, The Bronx, New York: A Preliminary Survey. (Riverdale Nature Preservancy, 1998), 65.


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3 Responses to Mundane Mondays: Riverdale Branch Library, Bronx, NYC

  1. great find. that interior is awesome!

  2. legsbattaglia says:

    Love it!

  3. mcmfan says:

    Lovely. A perfect gem of a library.

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