Midtown Market Diner, Midtown, NYC






In advance of the Queens Modern talk in May (see previous post), I’ve been looking at some of the work Queens-based architects did in other boroughs. Here is architect Jerome W. Perlstein’s only Manhattan commission, the Midtown Market Diner from 1962.


It’s a one-story metal-framed diner with an elaborate zig zag metal canopy and dark rust-colored enamel panels. The corner multi-sided entrance is also a engaging design element.


The exterior also shows Perlstein’s interest in finishes. In addition to the enamel panels, stone veneer runs around the base of the building, a typical Perlstein addition. In Maspeth, Queens there is an extremely similar diner with blue enamel panels, but a link to Perlstein has not been verified.



The diner is at West 43rd Street and 11th Avenue, surrounded by much larger buildings. Given that the diner shares the avenue side of the block with a small outdoor nursery, it seems likely that the diner may be gone sometime soon, replaced by new development.

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5 Responses to Midtown Market Diner, Midtown, NYC

  1. roadsidenut says:

    I’ve always read that the diner was built by DeRaffele. Did Perlstein work for the company — or is it one of those incorrect facts multiplied exponentially on the web?

  2. elleringo says:

    Love Market Diner. Last man standing

  3. elleringo says:

    Last man standing among free standing nyc diners

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