Loyola School Gymnasium, Rectory, and Residence, Upper East Side, NYC

IMG_0353 Loyola School is a small, private Jesuit-led high school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The main school building is on the corner of Park Avenue and East 83rd Street. But further down the block on 83rd is a complex of buildings that Loyola built in a mid-century expansion. They all date from 1953-54. The first is the gymnasium, followed by the rectory, and additional housing.

All the buildings are clad in buff brick and exhibit almost no exterior detailing. The gymnasium includes a flat aluminum entrance canopy and polished granite columns. The metal-framed International-style windows above the entrance look to be original.

Next door is the faculty house which includes a simple granite door surround and metal type.The final building is a residential extension built in 1954. The open space between the rectory and additional is fronted at the street by a tall brick wall topped with metal security posts.


Well-known mid-century architects Eggers and Higgins designed the whole 83rd Street complex. The firm was familiar in working for Catholic organizations, having completed two Manhattan churches in the 1940s and continuing their work designing Catholic-affiliated churches, rectories, schools, and nursing homes until the late 1960s. The firm has previously been covered on Mid-Century Mundane here, here, and here.


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