Mundane Moment: Jordan Gruzen

I was saddened to hear that New York-based architect Jordan Gruzen died in January 2015. Gruzen’s work as part of the partnership of Kelly & Gruzen informed much of my interest in mid-century and modern architecture in the New York region. Their work is the epitome of what I was looking at when starting Mid-Century Mundane, the interesting and engaging modern architecture that contributes to our streetscapes and cities but is generally less well-known.

This site featured just a few of Kelly & Gruzen’s designs and the Queens Modern website will feature at least one award-winning synagogue in the Rockaways. I’ve noted that several of their designs are credited to George Shimamoto of both Kelly & Gruzen and the later Gruzen Partnership. I hope someone does a feature on him. There is quite a bit more of their work out there and I hope to bring it to you soon! Until then, check out some of our past features on Kelly & Gruzen:

Chatham Green

Chatham Towers

High School of Graphic Communication Arts

The Japan Society (as the Gruzen Partnership)

Junior High School 22

The New York Buddhist Church


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2 Responses to Mundane Moment: Jordan Gruzen

  1. William M. Singer says:

    Jordan’s work was not done under the Kelly & Gruzen Partnership. Barney Gruzen, Jordan’s father, was the Gruzen in the Kelly & Gruzen firm. Jordan was one of the Gruzen Partnership partners and continued as a partner through the firms iterations thereafter.
    William M. Singer, AIA, LEED AP

  2. William M. Singer says:

    In the early 1960s he and MIT classmate Peter Samton joined Kelly & Gruzen. Jordan and Peter became partners in 1967, and changed the firm name to Gruzen and Partners, then to The Gruzen Partnership, and in 1986, to Gruzen Samton, which merged, in 2009, with IBI Group and is now known as IBI Group-Gruzen Samton.

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