Temple Beth Israel, Danielson, CT


This modest synagogue in the small village of Danielson fits well into its natural surroundings with its exterior walls covered in local fieldstone. The synagogue was constructed from 1951-1961 for the small but growing Jewish community of Danielson, many of whom were recent immigrants and Holocaust survivors when the synagogue was planned.


IMG_8938The architect was William Riseman, a prominent Boston-based architect whose parents lived nearby and were members of the congregation. Riseman’s mother donated the fieldstone that covers the concrete walls of the structure. Towards the end of construction the congregation hired Maurice Finegold, who was just graduating from Harvard, to help design the interior spaces including the sanctuary.


Most of this information was taken from the nomination that was written for listing the synagogue on the National Register of Historic Places, which happened in 2013. Much more fascinating history is included in the nomination form.



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