Firestone Complete Auto Care, Troy, NY


This Firestone dealer is located on 124 Congress Street in Troy. The exact date of construction is unclear but the first reference to Firestone at this location is 1959. The design is simpler than this extant Firestone in New Haven, CT from 1962. The flat roof is at a slight incline and projects out over the floor to ceiling glass windows of the showroom. The aluminum trim remains intact and there is a nice bit of tile detailing in red and white between the two glass bays.

IMG_8485The  garage facility and rear of the showroom is brick.



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2 Responses to Firestone Complete Auto Care, Troy, NY

  1. marmer01 says:

    There was an announcement of the construction of this building, which replaced an earlier Firestone store, in the Troy newspaper on November 12, 1958. There is a description, and the contractor was Corina Construction Company, but there is no mention of an architect. That is EXTREMELY common in newspaper stories about commercial buildings of this period. Apparently either it wasn’t considered newsworthy or more likely, the contractor had a staff architect or engineer design it. Or it could have been one of the local firms like Harrison and Mero.

  2. roadsidenut says:

    That red and white tile is very rare. The only other Firestone building that comes to mind that has it is in Denver:

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