Empress Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ


The Empress Hotel is a well-known landmark on the Asbury Park boardwalk. Originally built in 1961, the hotel has great mid-century details including the signature signage. Like the Asbury Park waterfront in general, the Empress followed the general decline of the area, closing in the late 1980s. A strip club opened in the 1990s but eventually the building was abandoned. Music producer Shep Pettibone bought the building in 1998 and completely restored the complex, adding the Paradise Nightclub to the establishment (see photo below).

IMG_6725The blue panels above the Paradise Nightclub are also a very nice mid-century detail although more often seen on office buildings than hotels.

IMG_6691Closeup of the colorful mosaic tile next to the entrance


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2 Responses to Empress Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ

  1. andrew danish says:

    i wouldn’t consider this one mundane at all.

  2. I’ve seen very little on this site that I would consider mundane. I must be easily amused or something.

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