Bank of Greene County, Catskill, NY


This bank is located on Main Street in the upstate town of Catskill surrounded by an intact, older downtown. I could not find a date of construction but it looks to me to date to the late 1950s or early 1960s. It has some nice details including the aluminum trim at the roofline, on the flat entrance canopy, and around the windows; as well as thin brick courses; and what could be marble in the panels above the windows. IMG_7863IMG_7859

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2 Responses to Bank of Greene County, Catskill, NY

  1. Oooo, stacked brick! Lot of very nice details in this building. Not mundane at all.

  2. The Kingston Daily Freeman of May 26, 1950 mentions a “remodeled banking house for the Catskill Savings Bank at 341 Main Street, with a large addition in the rear.” Catskill Savings and Loan was the predecessor of the Bank of Greene County. Most of the other buildings on Main Street are quite traditional. The architect credited in this story is George E. Lowe of Kingston, NY. I can’t find anything about him in the AIA Directory; he’s credited with a rebuilding of the Kingston city hall after a fire in 1927, along with Myron S. Teller and Gerald W. Betz, who also don’t appear in the AIA directory. I’m not completely sure, maybe only 70% sure that this is even the right building. The City Hall is also quite traditional and the address may be off by a few numbers, but this is as close as I can get.

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