Torath Chaim Synagogue, Pittsburgh, PA

This former synagogue in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh is actually just an alteration to an existing residence with the addition of a striking mid-century facade. The stone and cement front wall incorporates a stylized menorah design topped by electric bulbs.

The building is featured in the recently published The Synagogues of Central and Western Pennsylvania: A Visual Journey by Julian Preisler. A historian with a strong interest in synagogue architecture, Julian’s books feature a wide variety of mid-century examples, some of which have been featured on this blog.

According to Julian’s book, the Orthodox congregation of Torath Chaim was established in 1927 with their building being altered in 1931 and 1948. The front facade obviously dates from this later work. The congregation closed in 2004 and it now serves as an artist’s studio.

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  1. This one synagogue is a real Mid Century Modern gem. I believe it is now an artist work space. The area was once home to a large Jewish community and has many wonderful synagogues still standing. All of them are featured in my new book……which I am so pleased that you posted about. Many thanks!!

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