Queen Anne Lutheran Church, Seattle, WA


This week, we will look at two well-preserved church complexes, one Lutheran and one Catholic, in Seattle. Both were done by locally prominent architects. The first is the Queen Anne Lutheran Church from 1959. It was designed by Robert Durham of the firm Durham Anderson Freed, which designed more than 200 churches in the region.

IMG_1800 This church complex includes a 1964 addition but all buildings are done in the same pale, variegated brick so there is a strong harmony throughout. There are plenty of other nice mid-century details such as the clerestory windows on the entrance pavilion, narrow strips of vertical stained glass to the right of the entrance, a wooden tower with framing that matches the large stained glass design of the sanctuary, and a large window with enamel paneling on the W. McGraw Street facade. The interior was recently updated by Broderick Architects.



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