Whig Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


Today we visit Princeton and look at an unusual 1970s intervention that is really not at all mundane. From the front both Clio and Whig Halls are classical Greek temples. Built in 1893 by architect A. Page Brown, they replaced earlier structures on the site.

In 1969 a fire destroyed the interior of Whig Hall and destabilizing the building’s east wall. Gwathmey Siegel, a young firm founded in 1967, restored the building, replacing the side wall and a portion of the rear with a very modern intervention.



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2 Responses to Whig Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

  1. Brian Hsu says:

    I was not at all expecting what it would look like from the side! Interestingly, it reminds me of Venturi Scott Brown’s National Gallery extension, though it’s jarring in a different way.

  2. john gury says:

    Check out the use of phi in the design. The yellow as you might suspect is classically golden:

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