Goldberg’s Furniture Store, Olympia, WA









Continuing our look at the Mid-Century Mundane of the Pacific Northwest and specifically the buildings featured in the Olympia Modernism self-guided walking tour brochure. While we don’t have much to add beyond what the guide says, the buildings featured are a wonderful array of small town modernism and hopefully more research will be done on buildings of this scale.

The Goldberg’s Furniture Store building is a great example, incorporating a strong minimalist design and acting as a community anchor, but probably not known beyond the region or even neighborhood. It was built in 1950 and designed by Wohleb & Wohleb, a prominent local firm. The streamlined design and lack of windows on the upper floors are currently not obscured by signage, although signage was originally visible above the first floor flat metal awning. Like many of Olympia’s mid-century examples, this one remains quite intact.


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3 Responses to Goldberg’s Furniture Store, Olympia, WA

  1. Reader20 says:

    What a cool brochure

  2. wow. if it wouldn’t be for that snowflake…

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