Seattle First National Bank, Olympia, WA


Today’s entry is the Olympia Branch of the Seattle First National Bank from 1959 and located at 210 5th Street W; earlier this week we covered a similar branch in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. The architects were McClelland & Osterman, a Seattle-based firm.


This building is one of many in a well-researched self-guided walking tour on Olympia mid-century architecture. According to the guide:

“This bank building is one of several similar structures built across the state by Seattle First National Bank in the 1950s. The design was initially developed by Seattle architect John Maloney. The  Seattle architectural firm of McClelland & Osterman then adapted Maloney’s design to conditions in Olympia. The New Formalist style building has an exterior of Roman brick, skinnier and longer than normal bricks. The building also features a curtain wall of multi-pane windows set in a slightly projecting rectangular concrete bay window and a curved cast stone entry portal. Inside the main entry is a mosaic tile mural depicting the legislative building on the Capitol Campus.”


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