US Court House of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC


This court building on Constitution Avenue is now known as the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse. It is formal and stripped down modernism, closer in style to the nearby National Archives than something like Victor Lundy’s abstract 1974 US Tax Court Building.


The building was built from 1949-52 and designed by Justement, Elam & Darby. The firm was organized in 1946 and also designed several buildings for Howard University including the Law School in 1953-55, Admin building in 55, and Medical School in 57.


The Trylon of Freedom in front of the building is by C.P. Jennewein (he also designed the relief on this building). Other sculptures on the grounds include this statue of Sir William Blackstone and this memorial to Civil War officer George G. Meade.



side elevation from John Marshall Park


detail of entrance doors

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