113 and 117 1st Avenue N, Seattle, WA


Here are two modern buildings in Seattle with very different facade treatments. They are located on 1st Avenue N, just off Denny Way, in an area seeing some new larger development.



117 is now a CPA office and dates from 1947. It is a wonderfully simple and elegant building with a left side of horizontal brick stacks interspersed with thin, vertical windows. The right side is recessed with vertical glass windows in metal framing. The sides and base of the building feature a band of white marble or limestone, a great finishing touch.


Next door, 113 is now an H&R Block and dates from the mid-60s or 70s, depending on conflicting building records. It definitely has a 70s vibe with the tinted glass and arched window bays.

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2 Responses to 113 and 117 1st Avenue N, Seattle, WA

  1. Michael Houser says:

    This New Formalist style structure was completed in 1965 as home to Thomas J. Connor Architectural Office. It originally had an exterior stairwell that linked to the second floor on the left side of the main facade.

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