330 Fairview Avenue N, Seattle, WA


Close by our previous entries from South Lake Union is this building at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Harrison Street. The building was built in 1959 but it is unclear who the architect.


While it may seem like a normal commercial building, an unusual relief in the brick facade along Harrison makes it possible that it was a purpose built structure for some organization. The artwork shosw a figure below a cityscape, meaning it could have something to do with the building arts. Online searches list this as the Bricklayers Building, which would fit with the material and subject matter of the artwork.

IMG_2316Besides the relief, the side and rear of the building are plain brick with window and doors inset into metal frames. This building may have a longer shelf life than some of the other nearby sites, as it backs onto a Seattle streetcar facility, necessitating constant access and limiting what could be built on this site.

IMG_2352The front facade includes a metal exterior stair and second floor exterior landing. There are also tile panels (as seen above the front door), a large vertical marble panel next to entrance and a screen of decorative concrete block. All in all, a variety of materials used for the exterior finishes of the building.

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